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what makes our tees so special?

We know all about making luxury T-Shirts. Refining them to be as soft, light and comfortable as possible; a part of our heritage that makes us confident that WORNALLOVER Tees are the best that you will ever wear.

It’s all in the fabric…

When it comes to good quality T-shirts, most people agree that the more cotton, the better. We usually recommend to our customers’ 100% cotton garment because prints simply look better on them. Natural fibres tend to age better than synthetic ones which can become a problem when blending textiles. T-shirts made out of polyblends may look ‘misshapen’ after a while because its components have different expiration dates.

It is also worth mentioning that just because an item says it’s 100% cotton, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good quality, either. Not all kinds of cottons are created equal. Even among the most precious ones like Egyptian, Pima and Sea Island, there are ‘low-end’ and ‘high-end’ versions.

The tighter the weave is, then the longer the garment will last. Unlike what most think, this doesn’t translate to a heavier T-shirt. It is the density of the fabric that changes; not its weight or thickness.

The quality of the cotton is usually determined by the length of the fibre. The longer it is then the better the quality is considered to be. Simply put, longer fibres make it easier to spin the material into a finer yarn. This is why it can be bonded together, making it durable and softer.

Softness is another characteristic that is often associated with good quality in the clothing industry but it can be easily cheated.

T-shirts may feel soft to the touch but don’t be fooled, this is not high-quality cotton. These are quoted with a chemical (often starch) that makes the material soft to the touch but it’s not permanent. This is why lots of high-street T-shirts start feeling ‘rough’ just after a couple of washes.